Fetish-zone - Whore eats poop from the toilet! [2018 / FullHD]

Lady pooped in the toilet and left, after a while in the toilet room comes a whore-shit eater, happy to see that there shit and not washed away! Begins to happily eat poop right out of the toilet! Slut eats up all of women’s shit straight from the toilet! The game in many of our videos is staged but always real shit and swallowing shit. In this video really waited a few hours to shit slightly dried up in the toilet and the whore ate slightly dried shit. In each of our video there is some new extreme perversion with shit.
Fetish-zone - Day-1 Breakfast from Mr [2018 / FullHD]

General description of the collection: slut- toilet slave in a cage, for several days she eats only poop and piss of the Master, the Mistress and their friends. Slut in tight, restrictive clothing, mask and special glasses to almost nothing to see, its movements are limited, she can only see that it peed and pooped, and then reach out to that and to absorb. Its the only task – to drink urine and there is poop!