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PP-Erotic Tease with NaughtyPuma | 2017 | FullHD

How do you like the idea of mixing striptease and erotic Panty Pooping? Sounds nice, isn’t it? I thinking about this whole day and please keep in mind that I wearing stockings with my working dress code. So let’s make the music louder, and here the show begins!
PantyLoading 12 with NaughtyPuma | 2017 | FullHD

PantyPooping in the toilet room! Sounds odd, but unusually a lot of fun! I don’t like to do this things without wearing panties on my bum, so I filled them with everything I want, and began to play with my load. P.S. – my load was so hard and solid, so I manage to use it like anal dildo again. Penetration, sitting on the load and a lot of other things you enjoy!
Coffee and PantyPooping with NaughtyPuma | 2017 | FullHD

I never drink the Coffee, but my girlfriend gave me one couple of coffee and it drive me crazy, like large amount of power runs inside me! I heard it acts like some sort of energetic or tonic, but I had no idea how does it feels. Meanwhile, I have new soft panties to test… So maybe this panty testing will be with overdozed emotions due to coffee effect. Look how I pooping my panties with huge load!
Morning Bed Pantypoop with NaughtyPuma | 2017 | FullHD

Every wonderful day begins with some wonderful things. Like when you open your eyes and see something cute, or when you hear some nice melody…. Or when you poop your panties at the morning and lying in bed with heavy load between your bum cheeks. Yeah – it was the first thing that came to my mind this morning on the weekend :> No housework today and no other duties. So I can make a really nice PantyPoop and wear my load a bit longer!
Moisten the vagina with poop with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Shit and talking on the phone with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Seductive dance with poop with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Smoke and smear myself with shit 2 - KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Face mask with poop cream with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Erotic Farting with thefartbabes | 2017 | FullHD

Goddess is erotic farting into your mouth,serve your Goddess’ asshole!
Poop Over The Toilet with xMochaPuffx | 2017 | FullHD

Fully nude, I enter the scene & get down on all fours, Spreading my cheeks wide open so you get a nice view of my asshole. I release a wet, gloopy poopy all over the floor & show you the poop pile at the very end.
Allocate shit standing during makeup with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Smear pussy poop with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Smear of poop and dance with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD

Pooping in a diaper, moisturize hands with KatyaKASS | 2017 | FullHD